Physical Medicine Institute physicians use healow Televisit to provide improved healthcare to their patients, by eliminating the hurdles of distance. Healow Televisit provides a platform for a secure two-way video visit between the patient and the provider, enabling patient access to clinical healthcare from a distance.

To schedule a telemedicine appointment, you must have a compatible iOS or Android mobile device.

1. Download the Healow app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store by searching for “Healow” or clicking one of the links below. 

2. Open the Healow app, and tap Get Started:

3. Accept the following in-phone notifications:
  • Location
  • Camera
  • Microphone

4. Enter our unique practice code EDCBCA in the app.

5. Log in to Patient Portal account:

6. Accept the Terms and Conditions for the Healow Application:

7. Verify the account by entering your Date of Birth

8. Create and confirm a 4-digit PIN of your choice:

9. After login into your Healow account, click on the button below to book an appointment. If you already have a confirmed TeleVisit appointment, please skip this step.

Appointment scheduling is subject to review and changes by the practice. Patients will comply with the established practice policies, consents and agreements.

Important: This scheduling is for regular appointments only. If this is an emergency please call 911 or attend an emergency room department of your nearest hospital.

Book a Telemedicine Appointment

9. On the day of you appointment login to Healow and on the wheel screen, tap Appointments:

10. Tap the appointment

11. Tap Start TeleVisit:

12. Enter you vital signs and Tap Submit Vitals:

Note: Vitals are not mandatory; complete as much as you are able.

13. Tap Start Televisit

14. You are checked in. Wait for your provider to connect:


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